TikTok Launches ‘TikTok Tactics’ Online Course For Marketing Help

TikTok has launched a new, video-aligned platform training course for marketers, designed to provide tips and insights on how to make best use of the platform for brand promotion and development.

The new ‘TikTok Tactics’ course is an ‘easy to follow, best-practice guide to advertising on TikTok’, which provides a range of lessons on attribution, targeting, creative best practices and more.

The course focuses on four key elements of the platform: Attribution, targeting, bidding, and optimisation, catalogue, creative.

Each element follows the same path, outlining how it can contribute to a user’s overall TikTok marketing strategy, and how you can level up each aspect relative to where users are at in their process.

As a singular guide, the insights here are fairly basic, but at each step users are invited to dig deeper to develop their understanding, while TikTok has also included a 19-page guide book to help planning and implementation.

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