Tinder CEO Teases Relationship Feature in Indian TV Interview

As part of his tour of Asia, Elie Seidman has been interviewed on Indian news network CNBC TV18.

After explaining Tinder currently targets singles who aren’t looking to immediately get married, rather than a specific age demographic, he hinted at a potential new feature that might facilitate more serious daters.

Seidman acknowledged there are users who have been on the app since it was first launched and could be beginning to think about settling down. 

When asked about how he saw Tinder evolving and which new areas it might start to focus on, the CEO replied: “Without going very specific and announcing something – somebody who joined Tinder at 18 or 19 in 2013 – they’re still very young, they may not be ready to get married yet, although that’s coming.

“How does the product adapt to these phases? They’re not the person they were at 18. We want the product to be adaptive and recognise the 18-year-old and the 24-year-old you are different and the product is sensitive to it.”

He was pushed further about what this new adjustable product might look like, to which he simply responded: “You’ll have to wait and see”.

Instead of fixating on scaling the business to have as many worldwide users as possible, Seidman wants to look after the singles who have been on-and-off Tinder periodically over the past few years. 

India is Tinder’s biggest market in Asia and it’s the second highest grossing app on the country’s iOS App Store. 

Seidman has also been added to the board of directors at Intermedia Labs, the parent company of innovative quiz show app HQ Trivia.

Watch the full interview here.  

Dominic Whitlock

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