Tinder Crimes in UK More Than Double Since 2015

Police in the UK are reporting a significant rise in the number of Tinder-related crimes that are being committed each year.

At least 1,078 incidents were reported in relation to the dating app last year. However, not every force had a full set of figures which means the overall total is likely to be much higher.

The number has more than doubled since 2015, when only 442 such offences were reported.

In 2016 Somerset & Avon police created a Tinder account to match with users and raise awareness about the dangers of online dating.

86 crimes were reported in Devon & Cornwall, the most of out of any area, followed by Essex (84) and West Midlands (83)

A third of the crimes were believed to be relating to sexual assault or rape, while romance fraud was also another frequent category.

The Metropolitan Police released a video in October to warn singles about the dangers of interacting with potential scammers while dating online. They advised users to keep all conversations on the dating service until they completely trust the other person.

The BBC filmed a Panorama documentary investigating online dating scammers. They found 10 crimes are reported every single day in the UK, and approximately £1 billion is annually stolen in the US.

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Dominic Whitlock

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