Tinder Developing ‘Swipe Party’ Feature

Tinder is developing a new feature for their platform called Swipe Party. The new addition will allow users to virtually invite a friend along to help them swipe on the right profiles.

The upcoming Swipe Party feature was initially discovered in the Android App’s code by GratisDatingTips. It was later confirmed that the same code was found in the iOS version of the Tinder app by TechCrunch.

Swipe Party would involve the main Tinder user sending out invitations to friends to join a swiping session. The friends could then join with a phone number validation to give input on the main user’s swipes. The new feature is designed to aid Tinder’s evolution into more of a social app.

Whilst there has been no official confirmation from Tinder regarding the launch, there has been testing on the new feature on both the Android and iOS platforms.