Tinder India Launches #PawfectMatch Pet Adoption Drive

To celebrate India’s National Pet Adoption Day, Tinder is partnering with a number of organisations to launch a new campaign under the hashtag #PawfectMatch.

World For All Animal Care and Adoptions (based in Mumbai), RESQ (based in Pune), Charpaws Foundation (based in Delhi NCR) and many more will collaborate with the dating brand to give animal care a boost in regions across the subcontinent.

Users will be able to swipe on pet profiles in the app, and matches will lead to a screen with adoption, donation and volunteering and fostering interest options. Singles can then submit their contact data to a shared network of animal welfare organisations to get involved.

A spokesperson from World for All Animal Care and Adoptions said: “The numbers of animals needing homes and being abandoned far outweigh the number of homes available.

“(…) With a bursting population like India where human life seems to be second fiddle, it is imperative for communities to come together to take care of each other, the environment and the animals in it, domestic and otherwise.”

Taru Kapoor, GM of Tinder India, added: “Tinder stands up for the choices of a whole generation and how they choose to live their lives, and this includes standing up for things they care about.

“We are all about having users find a match on Tinder, and this time it’s with a cause. We’re pledging to drive user registration for pets so organisations have a wider network. We know the power of community, and are committed to extending it so pets in need can benefit this National Pet Adoption Day.”

Earlier this month, Tinder collaborated with BuzzFeed in India to launch ‘GirlsFeed’, a new variety show which sees women discuss issues around relationships and dating. Match Group’s flagship also consented to featuring in a quirky Spotify billboard campaign as it looks to build brand awareness in the market.

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Scott Harvey

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