Tinder India’s GM Calls for National Consent Day


Taru Kapoor, the General Manager for Tinder and Match Group in India, has proposed a National Consent Day. She wants the education of consent to be made explicitly clear, so people from every corner of society can easily understand.

In a guest post with Livemint, Kapoor explains that people are consciously and subconsciously segregating themselves into groups, who all think exactly the same.

She believes there is a continued divide because it is still commonplace in India for boys and girls to be schooled separately. This could contribute to interaction between the genders becoming difficult as people get older.

She writes in Livemint: “If boys and girls, men and women never learn to understand each other’s perspectives and appreciate that we have far more in common than we have separating us, we will remain trapped in a boys versus girls worldview.”

This is the main reason that she wants a National Consent Day, to encourage dialogue and help everyone understand the arguments and viewpoints that oppose their own.

Kapoor concludes: “[I am] proposing the introduction of a globally recognized National Consent Day to pay special attention to consent, to encourage active participation in the conversation, to oppose sexual violence, and as a call to action for gender parity.”

Back in April, Bumble partnered with Planned Parenthood to run a sexual consent promotion at the University of Texas. The campaign was observed as a part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

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