Tinder Partners With Lyft For Ride Gifting to Matches

Tinder has partnered with ride-sharing app Lyft to help users organise offline dates with their matches.

Daters will be able to gift a ride to their partner, making it easier for them to meet in person. The partnership comes at a time when singles are beginning to feel more comfortable with moving on from virtual-exclusive relationships.

Both brands have reportedly seen a recent increase in activity, indicating that people are starting to get out and about more. 

Tinder’s SVP of Business Development and Partnerships David Wyler said in a statement: “Like any relationship, it’s about the right place at the right time and there really is no better moment for our brands to work together.

“We’re excited to partner with Lyft and work on innovative solutions for our members who are looking forward to getting back out there. Swipe activity hit 3.4 billion on January 3rd, which was one of the busiest days of the entire pandemic.”

Lyft has a number of safety features in place to make sure users are protected while on their journey. This includes the ability to share live locations with friends and family, and silent emergency help requests.

Earlier this week, the dating app announced a commercial partnership with Love Island, one of the UK’s most popular reality television shows.

Singles will be able to apply for the upcoming series by swiping right on a branded card, which could see their profiles sent to the show’s casting team for review.

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