Tinder Releases Campus Dating Guide

As a new year for university students begins, Tinder released its ‘Campus Crush’ Dating Guide to help them learn about modern day romance. The guide looks to help new dating app users, and their parents, to understand healthy online dating behaviours.

The dating app shared that it sees the highest number of new 18-year-olds joining the platform during the period of August – September when freshmen orientations are taking place. In light of this, Tinder is looking to equip these new users with helpful information.

The guide includes chapters such as:

  • Tips For Creating Your First Tinder Profile 
  • Tips For Healthy And Safe Dating
  • Tinder’s Dating Dictionary
  • Dating Trends to Look Out For

Tinder also shared that the guide can help parents “who may have never been on a dating app, speak to their adult teens about dating”.

“Tinder is the most downloaded dating app among 18-25 year olds, and with 84% of them saying they’re hopeful and optimistic about dating and relationships, we wanted to help them start this journey on the right foot. We created this Campus Crush Dating Guide to give them great tips for dating in the digital age and foster opportunities to have open conversations with their parents,” says Leyla Guilany-Lyard, Senior Vice President of Global Communications at Tinder.

“Even on college campuses dating has become a digital-first endeavor, so parents should feel comfortable talking to their kids about how to do it safely and familiarize themselves with the features designed to give them more control over their experience,” says Devyn Simone, Tinder’s Resident Relationship Expert.

 “It can seem daunting at first, but online dating is now the most common way singles are making new connections. For many 18-year-olds joining a dating app is a right of passage and their first dip into the adult dating pool, but they don’t have to go it alone. We’ve compiled the perfect ‘Dating 101’ guide to get them up to speed on all things Tinder”, Simone adds.

You can download the ‘Campus Crush’ Dating Guide here.