Tinder Releases Healthy Dating Guide in the Nordics

Tinder has released its ‘Guide to Healthier Dating’ across Sweden, Denmark, and Norway through an in-app campaign. The guidebook provides practical tips for users and was developed in partnership with NO MORE, a non-profit that looks to reduce sexual abuse.

Users in these countries will now receive in-app suggestions which encourage them to read the Healthy Dating Guide on NO MORE’s website. The guide will also be featured in the sex policy journal Ottar, which reaches approximately 7,000 Swedes. 

The guide offers advice and tips for online and IRL dating, helping users to recognise ‘warning flags’ and raising awareness about the app’s safety features. 

“The guide was created to help daters both online and when they meet in person – from sending that first message, to what to think about when it’s time to meet in real life – because it’s important to keep safety in mind when you take the step from the app to the physical world”, said Rory Kozoll, Senior VP of Product Integrity at Tinder and Match Group.

“It is also about setting and respecting boundaries. We want to remind everyone who’s dating to never feel pressured to act in ways they’re uncomfortable with”, he added.

Tinder shared that in Sweden, half of all those born in the 90s choose to date online. However, a study conducted on behalf of Tinder, found that 22% of Swedes express a concern about discrimination, harassment, and verbal advances in connection with online dating.

“When it comes to smart dating, we often think about physical security. But we discovered that 1 in 3 Swedes between the ages of 18 and 29 worry as much about the risk of being discriminated against, harassed or verbally attacked when dating (27%) as they worry about their physical safety (31%)”, said Pamela Zaballa, CEO of NO MORE.

“The purpose of ‘A Guide to Healthier Dating’ is to inform and spread knowledge about safe and healthy dating in a way that everyone can benefit from”, she continued.

Match Group’s Guide to Healthier Dating is now available on NO MORE’s website in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English, German and Spanish with more languages ​​coming soon.

You can find Tinder’s announcement of the new guide release here.

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