Top Creatives Review Dating App Advertisements


Marcel Sydney CSO Iona Macgregor, VCCP ECD Gary Dawson and Loud creative director Wellison D’Assuncao have reviewed a handful of dating app advertisements in a piece for

They each weigh in on recent video ads released by Tinder, Bumble, eHarmony, RSVP and EliteSingles.

Tinder’s James Blunt ad, wherein the singer-songwriter criticises users’ profiles, is lauded for being self-depreciating and relaxed. The reviewers were, however, unsure what message to take from the clip – Macregor wanders: Is teasing your user base a good idea?”.

The ‘Swiping Nana’ ad, which depicts a grandparent using Tinder on their Apple TV, is “memorable”. “It’s entertaining, well written, has good talent and is well shot” according to D’Assuncao, who appreciates the agency’s self-restraint in not bombarding the viewer with visuals of the interface.

The eHarmony ‘Spark’ ad comes in for a lot of criticism – it mixes a focus on the technology with a focus on interpersonal chemistry, and does not execute the ‘spark’ idea very effectively. Macgregor is the most generous, calling it a “safe bet”.

RSVP’s ‘hallelujah moments’ ad is said to be effective – it shows “real, less than perfect, everyday people” falling in love by finding quirky moments of compatibility. The ad gives the impression that “RSVP are the ones who’ll find you your keeper”, says Dawson.

EliteSingles’ ad shows a sophisticated older gentleman preparing for a date. The ad “knows who it wants to target and is not shy about it”, says D’Assuncao, and makes up for its slightly confusing narrative by confidently targeting the premium market.

Finally, Bumble’s ‘SuperSwipe’ Ad, outlining a new feature on the platform, is described as “a breath of fresh air” by Macgregor. “The fact that there is only one ad in the series that features a guy, and that he doesn’t utter a word, is a teeny bit unnerving though”.

Macgregor offered some thoughts on the overall market, stating that: “It’s interesting to see how brands are differentiating from one another and selling more than just a fast-track to ‘happily ever after’. Whether you’re into cufflinks and clichés or mute men who just laugh at all your jokes, there’s certainly something for everyone.”

Scott Harvey

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