Twitter Testing New ‘Featured Tweet’ Tab & Response Time Indicator


Twitter is currently testing two new features that could come in useful for businesses.

This first is a new line that appears beneath a company’s Twitter bio that states when they are most responsive.

For example, on Medium’s page – one of the accounts where the feature is currently being tested – there is a bio section that reads “Most responsive 12am-5pm”.

twitter response times

This new feature, which is also something Facebook does, can apparently either be set by the user themselves – giving the times they are most likely to reply – or is calculated automatically by Twitter algorithms depending on when they reply to tweets and direct messages.

The second new update being tested is a “featured” tab on the social media platform.

Appearing next to the Tweets, Tweets & replies and Media tabs, the section would let Twitter users choose which “important” tweets to show in this featured tab.

twitter featured

This is like a fleshed-out version of pinned tweets, which users can currently attach to the top of their profiles.

Earlier this week Twitter launched a new dashboard for businesses that lets brands schedule posts & engage with their audience.

Read more about it here.