Two-Thirds of Americans Haven’t Heard of Facebook Dating

Consumer insights platform Piplsay has been investigating the general population’s opinions on Facebook. The study was conducted by surveying over 20,000 Americans of all age groups.

The USA became Facebook Dating’s 20th launch market in September, a move that immediately caused Match Group’s stock price to drop by 10%.

Although an estimated seven out of ten Americans are on the social media network, 67% of the survey’s respondents had never heard of the new dating feature. Moreover, just 9% said that they were currently using it.

The researchers also asked if people were “excited” about Facebook’s venture into the online dating industry. 

82% of the participants explained that they were not, because they either think there are already too many dating apps, or believe Facebook Dating is too similar to the other available offerings.

Facebook’s reputation has been damaged over the past couple of years by several high-profile security breaches. Most recently, over 250 million users had private data exposed last month as part of a potential phishing attack.

This has led to half of the people involved in the study to state that they do not trust Facebook to keep their personal dating data safe, and a further 27% are “not sure”.

Men appeared to be slightly more trusting than women, and millennials came out as the most trusting generation.

Read the full findings here.