Valo – Scandinavia’s Christian Dating App

Valo is a fast growing Christian dating app that is looking to foster meaningful relationships for users. The platform values ‘depth over breadth’, curating matches for users rather than creating an overload of connections.

The dating app identifies that in the modern online dating landscape, users collect matches as if they’re tokens. This means that users end up with many options for potential partners, but ultimately they then face indecision and continued loneliness.

The platform incorporates the insights of Helen Fisher, a senior research fellow in biological anthropology at the Kinsey Institute. Fishers recommends that dating app users should only have to choose between 9 potential matches, otherwise the process becomes overwhelming.

Therefore, Valo curates 9 potential matches at a time for users, to help them choose the individual they feel most compatible with.

“We envision a dating experience that encourages thoughtful consideration and genuine interactions,” says Kristiina Fekete, spokesperson for Valo Dating App. “Our mission is that everybody finds a relationship in Valo.”

Users on Valo share Christian values, with thousands of relationships already formed through the app. The company was started in Finland, with around 130,000 users in the country as of May 2022.

“In a world where swipes and quick judgments are the norm, Valo stands out by introducing a thoughtful process that respects the intricacies of human connection,” Fekete adds.

“We’re excited to lead the way in reshaping modern dating and helping individuals navigate the journey towards genuine companionship”, she says.

You can find out more about Valo on its website here.

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