VLVT Starts First Fundraising Round

Dating and relationship platform VLVT has started its first round of fundraising. The platform is confident about its fundraising, saying that “we’ll raise because our app has a direct influence on people’s relationship health, mental health, quality and longevity of life”. 

Founded by Connie Perl, M.A.,VLVT serves both singles and those in relationships. Beyond matching and strengthening couples, the platform provides relationship support with an AI relationship assistant and other innovative features. 

The app states that it wants to “build and distribute a piece of tech that will change people’s actual lives”, but requires money to do so. In exchange for an injection of cash, VLVT is offering stock & shares in its company. 

While admitting that fundraising can be difficult, VLVT is confident saying that “a handful of people — with a whole lot of vision — will say yes”. 

And the future is bright for VLVT and the industry it finds itself in, sharing that “the global relationship health, relationship retail, dating and mental health market share is worth a cool $505.69 billion USD”.

For those interested in investing, reach out to Connie Perl, M.A. or email

Find out more about VLVT on its website here or listen to this episode of The GDI Podcast where we spoke with Connie Perl about her plans for the new platform. 

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