Social App WakoW Secures $141K In Second Round Of Funding

Social connections app WakoW has just revealed it has secured $141,000 in its second round of funding.

The New Delhi-based social startup helps you discover and connect with people in your vicinity based around common interests and activities.

The app aims to help users find people “to play sports with, do yoga with, jog with, carpool with, party with or even finding playdates for your kids”.

And its founders, Bhavya Kohli and friend Manhar Oberoi, recently revealed to inc42 that the company has just raised a second round of funding totalling $141,000.

The entrepreneurs said the latest investment was made by an undisclosed angel investor from a “traditional jewellery business”.

The funding comes after the app raised $22,000 from a Taiwan-based company at a $2.2m valuation in June.

Speaking about the app, founder Bhavya Kohli said: “In this era of social media and 24/7 connectivity, it’s easier to make acquaintance/friends with someone online then it is to walk across a room and introduce yourself. Most of us don’t know our neighbors, yet ‘follow’ strangers 1000s of miles away; this phenomenon leads to us isolating ourselves without even knowing it.

“Lots of studies suggest the dangers associated with this and how they are impacting kids these days most significantly. We wanted to build tech that is a perfect amalgamation of the digital world being used to have better offline experiences in life and we think we’ve done just that.”

The team aims to have 50,000 users by the end of next year, having seen 1,100 downloads since launching in June, and with 500 members actively using the app.

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