FROM THE WEB: What Is The Future of Virtual Reality Dating?

Virtual reality

A new article in The Conversation looks at how influential virtual reality could be for online dating.

Virtual reality would enable people to meet and chat with someone in a digital space, without being physically present.

David Evans Bailey from the Auckland University of Technology talks about the current dating-related forays into VR, such as Facebook’s blind date show Virtually Dating.

Bailey also mentions Dating Lessons, the controversial VR game that was criticised for treating women like trophies.

The app came under fire for asking its users to “choose a target” and giving advice on certain “touching techniques” to use.

It also mentions where VR could lead in the future, speaking about a recent study by researchers at West Virginia University and the University of Illnois that found there was a decline in attraction when people first met, compared to their online dating photos.

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