William Soares Pinto Joins as Head of Business Development

Xcash, a joint venture by The Dating Network and Brokerbabe, has appointed William Soares Pinto as its new Head of Business Development.

Pinto’s new role will see him push sales and business development in the dating affiliate space.

Formerly of HubPeople, he has over four years experience in the online dating niche.

His hire comes as are looking to become the “best dating advertiser for Europe”, expanding into new markets.

“William is the perfect candidate for the position – being located in Europe, speaking four languages and understanding the European dating market, he has all the capabilities to develop the business with his existing and upcoming business partners,” Ed Kunkel from The Dating Network says.

Reto from Brokerbabe added: “I have known William for many years and I was fully convinced that his hard working and partner oriented style will lead us to success.”

In a press release, Pinto highlighted the quality people he’ll be working alongside in his new role at

They “have some of the best knowledge when it comes to dating, engagement, emailing and billing”, he says, and is expecting big things in 2018.

Pinto told GDI he is attending the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona and The European Summit in Cascais, Portugal.

Visit the website here.

Scott Harvey

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