Winter Coating: A Toxic Seasonal Dating Trend

We’re all aware now of ‘cuffing season’ where singles find a partner in time for the colder months of the year. But Inner Circle shares that ‘winter coating’, where singles get in touch with their exes for the snowy season, is a new trend.

A bit like how people will dust off a reliable winter coat when freezing temperatures approach, singles are finding companionship with a known entity: their exes. However, just like that warm coat, these relationships won’t be around when the warmer seasons start.

“Winter coating offers the comfort of staying inside, watching Netflix and not actually dating, with someone you’ve already established this dynamic with” explains Crystal Cansdale, dating expert at Inner Circle.

Cansdale issued a warning for singles who hear back from their exes this winter season. 

“They’ll be steady and dependable through the winter and it might seem like they’ve changed. But when the first sign of spring comes around, history will repeat itself and they’ll disappear into thin air”, she says.

Inner Circle noticed the trend after surveying over a thousand UK singles aged 18 and over. More than half of respondents shared that they have been contacted by an ex, and winter is when it’s most likely to happen.

Additionally, a rising cost of living means that 41% of respondents shared that they are saving money by skipping ‘the talking stage’ and finding companionship with previous romantic partners. 

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