OnlyFans Founder Invests in FITFCK

In a recent LinkedIn post, it was announced that Tim Stokely, founder of OnlyFans, has invested at a valuation of £3 million pounds in FITFCK.

FITFCK, a fitness dating platform, connects fitness enthusiasts via the internet and through in-person events. 

“Finding an investor is one thing but finding one who has scaled his own start up into a multi billion dollar global business is extremely rare and very valuable. I know Tim’s confidence in the business will significantly help us realise FITFCK‘s potential as a global consumer brand” shared Jamie Wykes-Hobday, founder of FITFCK.

“I am delighted to have had the opportunity to invest in FITFCK” says Stokely. The entrepreneur created OnlyFans, a subscription based platform where creators can connect with followers.

“Having known Jamie for over 3 years now, his vision, drive and determination coupled with the brand concept is something that I fully believe in and I am looking forward to seeing it realise its global potential as a multi level consumer brand”, Stokely says.

Over 200,000 users are on the waitlist for FITCK’s app update, which is set to release in November with its next in-person event.

Photo from FITFCK’s website.

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