Woo Releases Private Browsing Feature for Women

Woo, one of India’s leading dating apps, has released a new incognito browsing mode.

The free feature, called “Woo Hide”, is only available to women and lets them browse potential matches with complete privacy. If a woman has the setting activated, her profile will be invisible to men unless she has ‘liked’ them.

The creators of the feature acknowledge that it will slow down the matching the process, but they hope that a higher quality of connections will be created as a result.

Sumesh Mennon, the CEO of Woo, said: “Woo is driven by females and the idea is to provide a great platform for them to meet their respective match with extreme safety and precautions.

“[A] woman who is independent, honest, and sensible should feel comfortable while selecting the matches [when] looking for [a] meaningful relationship.”

Users can turn the Hide mode off very easily in the app’s settings by pressing a button.

Woo has committed to bringing new features to the market that put women first. Recently it unveiled “Woo Phone”, another free update that was available exclusively to women. It meant they were able to call their matches from within the app without revealing their phone number.

Visit the Woo website here.  

Dominic Whitlock

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