You Can Now Remarket Google Ads To People Who Have Watched Your YouTube Videos

Google AdWords

Users of Google AdWords can now remarket search ads to people who have watched their YouTube videos.

The new update lets you use YouTube video views and channel interactions to power remarketing lists for your search campaigns.

It will enable AdWords users to remarket to people who have previously interacted with their YouTube channel.

To do this, you must access the “New video remarketing list” section by going to Audiences in the Shared Library page on AdWords, where you are shown the following list.

Google AdWords YouTube

As Google explains: “You can use remarketing for video campaigns similarly to the way you’d use them for Display Network or Search Network campaigns.

“There are specific remarketing list types that are tailored to help you show your ads to people who have seen your YouTube videos.”

Before beginning the process, AdWords users must first link their YouTube account with their AdWords account.

This could be very useful to dating businesses, and give another good reason to create a solid video content strategy on YouTube.

Check out the full steps here.