Zoosk Sees 20% Increase In Organic Installs By Stopping Fraudulent Ad Traffic

Zoosk is the subject of a new case study for mobile analytics company TUNE, after the dating company saw a 20% increase in organic installs after stopping fraudulent ad traffic.

TUNE’s new fraud prevention software connects marketers and ad partners with shared data and insights, letting companies identify suspicious traffic sources by spotting irregularities down to the sub-publisher and sub-campaign level.

And as a longtime customer of TUNE, Zoosk was an early adopter of this new Fraud Prevention Solution, which was released in July this year.

Since then, Zoosk has apparently seen a 20% increase in organic installs after cutting out the fraudulent traffic using the software.

TUNE calculates that this has saved both $100k of “potentially misdirected ad spend” each month, and four hours a week of time spent analysing the data.

Alfred Mai, Senior Marketing Manager at Zoosk, said: “We would routinely notice an odd cannibalization of our organic traffic when we tried to scale CPI traffic, and would spend considerable energy trying to isolate good and bad sources, consistently monitoring and removing fraudulent sources and partners.

“As we continue to test and look for new CPI deals to grow our user acquisition, the TMC fraud reports and tools are going to be crucial for us in being quick to execute on app-install campaigns while being confident we’re not wasting money on fraudulent traffic.”

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