Zuckerberg Outlines 2018/19 Security Strategy

Mark Zuckerberg has outlined a security strategy for 2018/19 in a detailed blog post titled ‘Preparing for Elections’.

The post is the first in a series dedicated to addressing the concerns that emerged surrounding Facebook this year.

On free speech, as related to election interference, Zuckerberg says “When it comes to free expression, thoughtful people come to different conclusions about the right balances.”

The post details actions that Facebook has taken to combat hostile actors in Europe and South America, and suggests that it is better prepared than ever for foreign misinformation.

Fake accounts are now more difficult to set up thanks to improvements in machine learning, but sophisticated methods (such as amplifying existing content) are increasingly difficult to combat.

Facebook profiles, which offer detailed descriptions of users, are said help in this regard: “One advantage Facebook has is that we have a principle that you must use your real identity. This means we have a clear notion of what’s an authentic account.

This is harder with services like Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, iMessage, or any other service where you don’t need to provide your real identity.”

The post also covers Facebook’s approach to misinformation, coordination with governments and companies, and new rules around advertising transparency.

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Scott Harvey

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