The Inner Circle’s CEO Talks Offline Dating Events on The GDI Podcast!

A growing number of online dating platforms are hosting real-life events to add an extra dimension to the service and encourage their members to start a new relationship in a more traditional setting.

However, none have managed to do so with such regular consistency as The Inner Circle, the selective dating app that runs multiple events every month across most of its international markets.

Each event is different, with activities ranging from speed dating and karaoke to ski trips and summer polo tournaments.

David Vermeulen founded the app after not finding a partner who shared his own ambitions on mainstream platforms.

Therefore, he came up with The Inner Circle, a place for serious, professional singles to date.

David sat down for the final episode of The GDI Podcast’s first series to talk more about the history of The Inner Circle, why he prioritises the offline dating events and his upcoming goals for the next few years.

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