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Now Hangouts Making Splash in Spanish Speaking Territories

Now Hangouts is showing that the appeal of social discovery apps is worldwide. It is prospering in spanish speaking territories in particular. Available on the Apple Store and Google Android store (where it has over 10k downloads) – Now Hangouts is a social discovery app for arranging in real life meet-ups. 

The company founded in 2020 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, this month celebrated chariting in the top 15 social apps in Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Uruguay. After a series of recent updates and additional features were recently added to the app, it has had in the last month, more than 350,000 messages exchanged on the app, more than 5,000 hangouts and 5,000 cliques established. 

Now Hangouts allows you to make cliques with like minded individuals. You might make a clique related to surfing for example. The hangouts are then posted to the cliques to arrange real-life meet-ups. While some apps focus on making that one new friend, the social discovery of Now Hangouts is based around the group. 

There really is a whole world out there when it comes to social discovery apps. Practically every single person is a potential user of such apps, so it will be interesting to see which apps thrive in what markets, and why. Now Hangouts is seemingly available across territories, so what about it has appealed to spanish speaking territories? Success in one has likely snowballed it across to others. Another social discovery app to keep our eye on for sure.

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