Jess, Meet Ken Officially Launches

Where Jess meet Ken

Jess, Meet Ken, the Boston-based MySingleFriend-style dating site has officially launched.

The site lets women recommend men they know, who would be a perfect match for someone else.

To recommend a guy, they sign in with Facebook and answer 10 questions, such as: Is he good looking? What does he do? How is his sense of humour?

Everyone can check out the men on the site for free, and the women who post a guy also get a free subscription to the site.

If women are interested in the single men, then can contact the female go-between for more info.

where jess meet ken

The site was initially launched in February, but has now been officially launched in Boston.

The site was created by Ken Deckinger, who was the co-founder of HurryDate, a New York speed dating company which Spark Networks acquired back in 2007.

His new project, Jess Meet Ken is inspired by Deckinger’s personal story of how he met his wife, Jess – after his friend Adele posted a profile for him on a similar and now defunct site.

Jess responded to Adele’s glowing review, they chatted more about him and Adele forwarded Ken her email, with the subject line: “Holy S#*% it’s Your Wife.”

Since then, they both decided to recreate the site for other singles.

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