Find Out Why Queek’d Founder Elisa McLean Created A Directory for the Dating Industry

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Name: Elisa McLean
Position and company: Founder of Queek’d
Period of time in the role: Since the start
Twitter ID:Queekd

Tell us a bit about Queek’d.

Queek’d is an online dating efficiency platform that gives users one central location for accessing all things related to dating; via an app. Our lite app is currently available on Google Play and is a sneak peek to the full version. It hosts a dating site directory, blogs, tips and lots of other useful stuff.

The full app is due to launch early next year and will help users access dating sites and information to make dating online easier than current methods. Online dating can be quite overwhelming and complicated, so we hope to change that by giving users a more streamline process. The full features are top secret until we have set a launch date, but it’s something very special and innovative.

Why did you decide to create a directory of dating sites?

The idea came about last year when I decided to get back into online dating and found it tiring trawling the internet looking for the right site. I thought, there must be an easier way of finding a list of sites and information other than searching through Google.

We’ve figured out how to send people to the moon, yet no one has figured out an easier way to online date, this couldn’t be right. I soon realised that a central hub was needed and it all started from there really.

Why did you call it Queek’d?

That’s a good question. My brother and I were thinking of names for ages but nothing seemed to fit, then one day whilst driving, Queek’d popped into my head. I tried to put some words to it to see if it mean’t anything and quick and easy kinda dating just rolled off my tongue. I was surprisingly amazed and knew this name was meant to be.

What is your background in? How did you get into the online dating industry?

My background is actually in dance. I trained until 23yrs old then decided that it wasn’t for me anymore. Since then I’ve had every job you can imagine, and also racked up a healthy dose of life skills by doing some of travelling: before wanting to go into business. I set up my own tailoring company, then realised that it was actually dating and relationships where my passion and skills lay.

Since I started Queek’d I’ve become a dating / life coach, which I absolutely love and have discovered that I have a wealth of relationship knowledge to share with the world.

How big is your team?

Our team is still quite small because we’re just starting up. My brother Marcel McLean is co-owner and is on hand to deal with any technical issues. We have a small team of developers currently working on the full app and someone blogging and tweeting to help build our profile ready for next year.

How do sites get added to your directory? Do you accept all kinds of sites and apps?

I currently scout out the best sites to add to our directory. Sites that I think users would like to use and would like to see in our directory. The lite app hosts a mixture of sites from traditional sites like to more niche sites like GolfMates and Jewcier. We accept most sites and apps – the more the merrier at this stage. We understand that users like variety and that’s what we aim to offer.

How do you monetise the app? Do you get any revenue from dating sites for featuring them on Queek’d?

Yes we have affiliate relationships set up with the sites; this is how we get paid. It works the same way as other industries. We receive revenue for directing new users to different sites. But our current focus is on helping users date more easily, if we get this right, the money will take care of itself.

What other features do you offer to users? Which have proved popular?
Well the pièce de résistance (full app) is still yet to come and is something that is much needed in the industry. I’ve read a lot of articles of people within the industry saying that innovation is needed, so we’re here to inject that.

The best feature in the full version is a tool that users one day won’t be able to live without, but in the lite app (apart from the directory) it’s got to be the safety advice, as following the tips allows users to enjoy a safer dating environment.

We also offer profile writing tips and blog posts with lots of funny but useful content. Anneka our blogger is very witty and has a good way of writing articles that relate to everyday people. Everything within Queek’d is related to dating and relationships. We don’t want users distracted by any unnecessary features and ads.

How many users do you have, and where are they from?

Our current users are from the UK and USA but we’re holding off on marketing until the full version is released. We have some quite savvy marketing plans and don’t want them wasted.

Which online dating trends do you think we will see more of in 2015, and which do you think will fall by the wayside?

I think apps like Tinder will continue to rocket for another few years but after that I think people will be looking for sites that offer more. Everyone one day hopes to find a life partner and users will always eventually opt for a dating site that offers depth, high compatibility success rates and real connections. The game-like dating apps are easy and good, but the chances of finding long lasting love are quite slim.

When are you releasing your iOS app?

The full app will launch first on iOS, and then shortly after that the Android version will be released. Users can download Queek’d Lite now on Android.

Which companies do you admire in the online dating industry?
I really like Dating Factory and HubPeople for seeing our vision and wanting to work with us from the start. But I also really admire eHarmony’s CEO Dr Neil Clark Warren. He has the same philosophy as I do – to help people form long lasting, loving and happy connections.

I watched an interview with him at iDate Vegas 2013 and everything he said resonated with my personal life goals. I hope one day to be able to help people experience truly loving effective connections by first helping them to unearth the secret of love and happiness that lies within each individual.

Download Queek’d here.