#GDI12Days Quiz, December: ‘What Was The Most Googled Dating Site in 2014?’

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Every year, Google announce their list of the most searched terms of the year.

This year, they have released insight reports into specific topics, whether sports, science and tech, pop culture and web culture.

Within their web culture section, they honed in on the digital search for love.

And interestingly, according to Google, while searches for mobile dating peaked, searches for internet dating fell:

“2014 saw ‘dating app’ searches reach their highest point in history, while ‘internet dating’ decreased, having peaked in 2006. Romance was alive and well, with ‘find girlfriend’ searched 100x more than ‘find boyfriend.’ Despite the latest tech, we strive for the traditional, with searches for ‘marriage’ outpacing ‘divorce.'”

Google have also provided data on the most searched dating sites of 2014.

As you can see in the chart below, Badoo was by far and away the most popular site for Google searches this year.

The nice little interactive report lets you input different companies and search terms to see how they performed over the year.

You can also search by region, which shows that Badoo had a strong showing for searches in African countries in 2014.


And Google also found that searches for love increased this year:

It seems love does make the world go round. This year, ‘what is love’ topped the question charts with 5x more searches than ‘what is science.’ But when it comes to puckering up, we like a bit of guidance and searched ‘how to kiss’ more times than any other activity, including ‘how to survive.’

Check out Google’s Love search trend section here.