Zoosk To Give Users Data Insights Into Their Dating Activity



Zoosk are going to start giving users a data-based breakdown of their online dating activity, and insight into who is interested in them.

Called Dating Insights, the first section will show Who Likes You, and give facts and stats about the people interested in your profile.

This could be information about the age, demographic, education, ethnicity or religion of interested singles.

Zoosk’s new feature also gives insight into Who You Like, using the same categories as the above section, and statements like “You put more importance on a man’s level of education than most,” or “The Lord of the Rings is the book liked most by the men you’re interested in.”

Shayan Zadeh, co-founder and CEO of Zoosk, said: “Our Behavioral Matchmakingâ„¢ technology is the backbone of our service. We are excited to give our members an in-depth look at our algorithm, and how it personalizes the experience for each one of them.

“Insights should not only allow our members to understand how their activity affects who they’re introduced to, but should also give them the tools to better their chances at finding someone special.”

These dating tips are given in the last section, called Your Dating Style, which gives you advice on their “activity levels”, and how to improve their dating – which could obviously be used to push higher engagement on the site, or offer premium features.