How To Improve You Organic Growth On Facebook


Many companies have dismissed Facebook as a source of traffic to their sites over the past few years.

The growing number of timelines means that pages, brands, companies and friends are competing for space.

And with this, Facebook have started charging to get your post noticed on the social network, with some media companies spending millions for people to see their content.

According to Ogilvy, organic reach on Facebook has declined to 6%, a drop of 49% since October 2013.

However increasing your organic reach on Facebook is possible, and digital marketing company Quick Sprout – run by Neil Patel, who helps big brands grow their traffic – has produced a very useful infographic on how to do this.

Such tips include posting at non-peak times, sharing original behind-the-scenes photos of your team, and engaging with the questions from your community.

Check out the infographic below: