FROM THE WEB: Jon Ronson on social media outrage, former IAC PR Director Justine Sacco


Although a little off topic, this is a very interesting excerpt from a forthcoming book by Jon Ronson about internet shaming.

Ronson speaks to a number of people who’ve had their lives damaged by social media and internet outrage, following an ill-advised online decision.

He speaks to Justine Sacco, the former PR Director for IAC, who famously posted the following tweet before visiting Africa: “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”

Sacco posted the tweet before boarding an 11 hour flight, during which a Twitter storm raged, with people gleefully creating the hashtag #HasJustineSaccoLandedYet.

She was fired by IAC, and after a month in Ethiopia, came back working for dating app Hot or Not.

Ronson’s piece is an interesting look at this very modern kind of outrage, and the affect is has on the reputation and lives of those on the other end.

Read it here.