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Check Out Hootsuite’s 21 Tips For Improving Your Twitter Account

Hootsuite recently posted a list of useful tips to help both businesses and individuals optimise their Twitter accounts.

As with many social networks, the timing, tone and context of a post can make or break how much reach it gets – especially with the fast-paced nature of social news feeds.

To help, Hootsuite has written a list of over 20 things you can do to get your content noticed, including ways to cheat the 140 character limit and suggestions on how to boost the reach of your tweets.

Hootsuite explains: “With more than 500 million Tweets sent every single day, it can be tricky to stay on top of the most relevant content, get your Tweets seen, and maximize the time you spend on your Twitter activities.

“Fortunately, Twitter offers in-depth capabilities that allow you to laser-target your efforts. We’ve dubbed these strategies Twitter hacks because the lesser-known features can seriously up your Twitter game… if you know how to find them.”

Among the suggestions are screen-shotting longer pieces of text to get your full point across, using Siri or Google Now to post to Twitter when you have a creative spark but can’t use your phone, and dividing the people you follow into lists so you have a better chance of seeing relevant content.

To read the full list of suggestions from Hootsuite please click here.

Emma Woodley

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