Forbes Looks At The Pros & Cons Of A Dating App That Displays People’s STD Statuses


A new app is hoping to keep singles safer offline, by asking users to submit their sexual health test results to the app every four months.

A feature by Forbes explains that NeatClub adds a picture of a glass of neat whiskey to a users’ profile if they don’t have an STD, and will add random extras to this image (such as a cherry, slice of lime or cocktail umbrella) if someone does have an infection.

Forbes discusses the benefits of having an app of this nature and says that it encourages singles to be more vigilant about getting checked and raises awareness for sexual health.

However, medical experts do question how effective the app will be, as it isn’t always practical for people to be tested for multiple infections as regularly as NeatClub suggests (every four months).

Displaying people’s statuses can also give a false sense of security for users, who might assume people’s profiles are up-to-date, without speaking to them about it.

Fred Wyand, Director of Communications for the American Sexual Health Association, said: “Whether it’s with this app or just by going into your doctor, you’re not going to be tested for every sexually transmitted illness.

“The online aspect may make it less daunting for some people, but at some point you need to have real-world conversations.”

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