Snapchat Now Lets Users Create Group Stories

Custom Stories

Photo-sharing platform Snapchat is rolling out a new Stories feature, which will let multiple people add to a Story.

Called “Custom Stories”, the feature will enable people to let specific friends or those within a chosen area contribute to and view a Story.

People can create Custom Stories by clicking on the “+ Create Story” button under the “Send To” section of the app, or the plus icon in the top right hand corner of the Stories page.

Once clicked, users will be asked to name their Custom Story and choose who can add to and view the thread.

Users can select specific friends to contribute to and see the Story, and they can also choose a group who can only view the content.

Alternatively, users can opt for a geofenced Custom Story, which will let people’s friends within a chosen area add content and watch the thread.

They can also choose to let friends of friends in the location contribute, however geofenced Stories do not let people choose a view-only group.

Snapchat said: “It’s perfect for a trip, a birthday party, or a new baby story just for the family.

“You decide who can add to the Story and who can view it – you can also choose to geofence the Story to a location.”

Snapchat has said that Custom Stories will disappear if no contributes after 24 hours.

This update comes just days after Snapchat announced that it was introducing three new advertising products: World Lenses, Audience Lenses and Smart Geofilters.

This marked the biggest update to Snapchat’s Sponsored Creative Tools since 2015 and is expected to give advertisers more opportunity to integrate their brand with the app.

Snapchat’s new Custom Stories are available on iOS and are expected to come to Android soon.

Find out more about the new feature here.