FROM THE WEB: This New Gay ‘Dad Dating Simulator’ Game Is A Surprise Hit

Dream Daddy

A new dating simulator that lets you flirt and talk to gay, bisexual and transgender dads has become a huge hit on online games platform Steam.

Dream Daddy is a “dad dating simulator”, that first asks users to make their own dad persona, then flirt with various men around the city.

The game currently has an 89% rating on Steam from 1,477 reviews from the community.

And in a recent interview, the BBC’s Chris Foxx asked the co-creators of Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator about its success and why they decided to build the title.

As Vernon Shaw says: “Dads and dad jokes are something that is going to be funny to a lot of people, and we can use that comedy to tell a narrative that we think is important. And what was important to us is telling an LGBT narrative that people could relate to, and that people could fun and funny and enjoyable.”

Check out the interview here.