Creating 3D-Printed Figurines Of Real Users For London Pop-Up is set to launch a pop-up shop in London this week called Model Males that will be stocked with 3D-printed bachelors from the online dating site.

Women are being invited to visit the pop-up shop in Marylebone to check out the 3D-printed action figures, which are all modelled on real-life members of

The online dating company teamed up with Mini You, a 3D printing specialist in East London to make the figurines.

The profile information from each member will be printed on the figurine’s box, showing their name, age, occupation and best qualities.

Visitors to the pop-up shop, who will receive a complimentary glass of prosecco on arrival, can even get in touch with the real-life user by following the link on the model’s packaging.

The pop-up event will take place on Thayer Street in London, and will be open to the public from Wednesday 2nd August to Friday 4th August from 11.30am to 15:30pm.

The pop-up will initially open as a pilot scheme in London, with a potential rollout in different cities across the UK at a later date.

Match’s dating expert Vicki Pavitt said: “Dating should always be fun, but it can be tricky at times. There is an ever-growing list of different terms used to label the negative side of dating, but we should stop focussing on those and start celebrating the amazing single men and women who are looking for the right person

“The idea behind Model Males is to showcase the brilliant and reliable men that wouldn’t even think of ‘ghosting’ a date.

“There are still plenty of gents out there and this is a way of giving women the power and opportunity to find their very own Model Male to take home.” held a similar event earlier this year in January, when the dating company hosted a two day pop-up coffee shop in London to help singles find their perfect match through their love of coffee.

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