How Is Slack Improving Communication In The Workplace?

SlackA recent article on Ars Technica gives a detailed insight into communication platform Slack and the effect that its social software is having on the workplaces that use it.

The article, written by Annalee Lewitz, profiles Slack’s history and how it was first created, explaining how its easy-to-use chat system with tools for committing code can make teams more productive.

Lewitz says that social media apps like Slack are helping businesses find each other and keep track of big projects, transforming what was once a real-life office into a virtual workplace.

The post also explains how the platform’s added features, such as emojis and GIFs, can create a more interactive online working environment, and details Ars Technica’s transition from internet relay chat (IRC) to Slack last year, explaining how some employees used the software to enter the virtual office for the first time.

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