How Paktor Used A/B Testing To Grow Revenue Per User By 17%


As mobile app companies know, thorough A/B testing is an excellent way of appraising new features and generating insights on how to grow and encourage more user engagement.

A recent article gives an insight into the typical mistakes marketers make when trying to improve the success of a mobile app, with a particular focus on A/B testing as a way to overcome common problems.

The Marketing Dive article uses leading Southeast Asian dating app Paktor as an example of how to successfully adopt the process of A/B testing, to test the efficiency of new features and build its platform and user base.

The mobile app’s lead data analyst, Anmol Mohan, explains how Paktor carried out in-app messaging tests in an effort to engage with users and drive premium subscriptions, which ultimately led to the app seeing a 17% increase in average revenue-per-user.

Outlining the reasons for the test, Mohan says the app was keen to educate users about the advantages of paid memberships and therefore promote the Paktor Guarantee Program – which guarantees users offline dates, if they follow a number of set guidelines.

To do this, Paktor measured the collected data from the in-app messaging feature against three key performance indicators; monetisation, engagement and retention, allowing them to evaluate whether the feature would perform well.

For more information about Paktor’s testing, check out the full article here.