Is Technology Making It Easier To Trust Strangers?


An article taken from Wired’s fourth annual trends report looks at how the growing use of technology in our day to day lives affects the way we interact with, and trust, strangers.

Written by Rachel Botsman, the piece gives insight into how technology is creating “a new trust framework”, based on “social, economic and technological forces that will profoundly change not just how we are trusted in the world, but how we view trust in the world.”

In particular, Botsman refers to dating apps as an example of how individuals can build a trusting bond with someone they met through a technology platform, and how this translates to the real world.

Drawing upon research from Stanford University  – which confirms that using technology can somewhat change people’s levels of trust – Botsman suggests that this year will bring about a shift in the way humans perceive trust.

Read the full article here.