FROM THE WEB: Five Rules Of App Localization In China: Money, Dating And App Store

Localise Apps

In a recent interview with Smashing Magazine, Chinese mobile entrepreneur Rock Zhang discussed how to localise for China’s mobile app market.

Although Apple has secured the rights to provide apps for iOS in China, Android app providers aren’t finding it as easy, with Google Play already banned and over 200 app stores now competing in the Android market.

And given China’s restricting internet policies, Zhang advises apps to follow five key rules.

Firstly, he says to keep things casual by using a helpful and simple tone, using fewer characters in the screenshots of apps that feature on stores.

He also suggests that putting an app’s social features, along with any savings and discounts, at the forefront of the screenshots used in listings is a good idea, as these types of features tend to lure people into downloading apps.

Zhang also says developers should focus on originality, as in China people are constantly consuming online content, meaning they are more likely to be drawn to something new.

Check out his full list of tips here.