FROM THE WEB: A Guide To Co-Leadership By HowAboutWe’s Aaron Schildkrout

Aaron Schildkrout, the co-founder of HowAboutWe, has written a piece about the positives and negatives of co-leadership in business.

Schildkrout founded HowAboutWe with childhood friend Brian Schechter after leaving their jobs as teachers in Boston and Washington.

This year, the two friends sold the dating site to IAC.

The New York-based entrepreneur lays out the potential pitfalls that such shared leadership can bring, how you can avoid them, and turn co-leadership into a positive.

Schildkrout lays out five ways to make it work: picking the right people, defining very clear roles and responsibilities, speak in percentages and knowing your own weaknesses.

Read the article, published by TechCrunch, here, and if you missed Schildkrout’s fantastic piece about avoiding delusional startup growth strategies, do read it.