FROM THE WEB: ‘LGBTs In China Are Priming A Pink Economy That Will Overtake America’s’


China is now estimated to be the world’s third largest LGBT market after Europe and the US, worth around £300bn.

And despite the significant difference in the social acceptance of LGBT issues between the US and China, China’s LGBT market is already a third of the size of America’s, with a massive untapped population.

A recent Forbes article looks at this growing market, which is expected to overtake America’s in the coming years, a market that has already made Blued one of the largest gay social products in the world.

As author Ralph Jennings says: “China’s pink economy will get a natural boost from its sheer population size of 1.37 billion and because of that advantage it could someday surpass that of the United States.

“China also has the world’s second largest economy overall after the United States. The Chinese LGBT community numbers at least 70 million people , according to China Daily.”

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