Tinder Brings A Stories-Style Design Change To Photo Browsing

Tinder Design

Tinder is taking inspiration from Snapchat and Instagram with its new design update.

The “clean new design” allows users of the service to navigate through pictures in a much easier way.

Tinder’s update lets you scroll through pictures by tapping the edge of an image to navigate through someone’s profile pictures.

Previously, you would have to click on someone’s first profile picture to enter the image viewer, then swipe left or right to see their other pictures.

Tinder DesignSpeaking about this new design change, Tinder’s head of product Brian Norgard told Buzzfeed: “If you’ve ever tried Snapchat or Instagram Stories, you’ll be familiar with that tapping format. The entire industry is taking inspiration from that.”

In addition to this, tapping the bottom of someone’s profile card – where their name, age and other personal information sits – will open up their full profile.

In a blog post, Tinder said: “The new user experience is not only smarter, it’s better looking. Now, photos take up more real estate on Tinder—extending to the edge of your screen and giving you the bigger picture when it comes to your potential matches.

“It’s all part of an ongoing effort to make our app as fun and attractive as the community it serves.”

To read more about the development of the new Tinder design, visit the company’s tech blog here.