Check Out This Excellent ComScore Report On State Of App Usage In US

An excellent in-depth report by ComScore looks at the landscape of mobile app usage in the US in 2016.

The 48-page study reveals that digital media time in the US has increased by 50% in the past three years, with 90% of this growth attributable to mobile apps.

The global media measurement company’s latest report looks at “the dynamics of mobile media consumption, audiences, and user habits to understand what’s behind this surge in mobile activity, and how publishers and advertisers can take advantage.”

In terms of online dating, it points out that many of the fastest-growing apps are those which improve existing real-world behaviours, like travel, exercising and dating.

It also looks at the habits of app users in the US, which categories and apps are growing fastest, along with a demographic and behavioral profiling of the app users, including heavy app downloaders.

Check out the excellent report here.