Hub People CEO Michael O’Sullivan Talks Potential Of Cultivating Niche Dating Communities Online

Michael O'Sullivan

For our first video interview of 2017, GDI presents a conversation with Hub People CEO Michael O’Sullivan about the power of niche communities, and how customer behaviour has evolved over the past few years.

Hub People is a thriving white label platform based in the Isle of Man that employs around 40 staff and powers 10,000 niche dating sites, with a total user base of around 6m.

In recent years, the business decided to focus more on building and fostering niche communities, offering blogging features and letting users communicate publicly for free, only monetising when they want private one-to-one communication.

In the interview, O’Sullivan talks about how the vast possibilities of choice the internet offers has helped to cultivate the growth of niche communities online – something that opens up an excellent opportunity for those operating dating services.

Rather than appealing to the mass audiences so comprehensively served by the largest dating products, this specialist strategy allows companies like Hub People to compete in a market that is more competitive than ever.

Check out the interview below: