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Highest Seven-Day Conversion rate for WLD

Conversion rates across the WLD platform have been soaring since the beginning of the year. We’ve recently had loads to shout about following our new sustained same-day conversion rates and it’s great to see how successful our partners have been, growing their revenues on the back of these phenomenal conversion rates.

This April we’ve also seen our highest seven-day conversion rate all year, coming in +22% versus the prior 7 days! This impressive growth was seen across all major territories on both our Casual and Mainstream networks.

Since the launch of our industry-leading 100% net revenue share offering to new and existing partners, combined with our proactive approach to improving our bot-mitigation strategy, metrics have remained strong across the platform. We are delighted with the sustained metrics and proud that our partners are taking advantage of the unrivaled 100% net rev shares. With enhanced conversion, and ultimately ROI, their portfolios are thriving.

We’ve welcomed over 100 new partners and launched more than 150 new sites across both our Mainstream and Casual networks since the announcement of our 100% net revenue share offer. With current platform performance demonstrating such solid conversion rates there isn’t a better time to invest in WLD sites.

We’re still currently accepting applicants to receive 100% net revenue share for a minimum of 12 months then up to 80% for life – guaranteed – as part of our rapid-growth tiered revenue share scheme.

In addition to the 100% net revenue share, we are offering partners:

  • Free hosting for landing pages
  • Free SSL certificates for sites and landing pages
  • Rapid-growth tiered revenue share program
  • Concierge member migration service to help migrate members from other platforms to WLD

For new partners, more information is available at https://100.whitelabeldating.com – if you’re an existing partner, get in touch with your account manager today.

Visit the White Label Dating website here.

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