Zoosk Joins Shutdown PR Party


Zoosk is the latest dating site to report hikes in activity during the US government shutdown, which ended today.

The site issued a press release saying DC-based users wanting to meet up increased by 91.6% in the first week of the shutdown, and 110% in the second.

They also said the area saw a 45.6% increase in profiles viewed, 48% more instant messages and 17.6% more sign-ups in the second week.

Zoosk’s release comes after “sugar daddy” site SeekingArrangement announced that their sign-ups had increased following the shutdown.

The latter’s was a lovely marketing move, offering up a rather irresistible story that was picked up by the Financial Times, TIME, CBS and Fox.

And with Zoosk’s marketing team treading similar paths, one wonders whether we’ll see more announcements linking political events to increased dating site activity.

In the meantime, we won’t hold our breath for the press release saying usage is down in the DC area over the next few weeks.