Facebook Is Giving You More Control Over Where Your Ads Appear


Advertisers will soon be able to better control where their Facebook ads are seen across the web.

New tools released this week by Facebook will let advertisers both see where their ads might appear, and block them from appearing in undesirable locations.

The first tool, called Pre-Campaign Transparency, will show advertisers a list of where their ads “could potentially deliver” before a campaign goes live.

The new tool, which is currently being tested, would apply to ads across the Audience Network, Instant Articles and in-stream ads on Facebook.

It’s a response to recent complaints from advertisers that their ads were appearing in undesirable places without any pre-warning.

After the test is completed, Facebook plans to extend the transparency tool across its entire advertising platform later this year.

The second change allows advertisers to block unwanted publishers at the account level.

Previously, advertisers had to apply their list of blocked publishers to each individual campaign or set of ads, before they went live.

As Facebook said: “This will help advertisers make their lists consistent across potentially hundreds of campaigns and thousands of creatives.”

This feature will be rolled out over the next month across the Audience Network and Instant Articles, and be extended to in-stream ads later this year.

The third change announced by Facebook this week is that it is now giving advertisers the ability to specify where their want their video campaigns to run – such as in-stream, native or interstitial – with a simple opt-out format.

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