New Tool Helps You Optimise Your App Store Listing

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A new tool has just been released that helps developers optimise their app store listing.

Mobile App Grader is a site created by Ilya Kamens that uses data from the Apple App Store to evaluate how an app is performing in comparison to other top apps.

In order for the site to generate results, developers have to enter the name of their app and email address into the site.

Mobile App Grader then produces results by evaluating various areas, such as an app’s market reach, preview page, and customer satisfaction.

These results are then displayed in a report card on the site, alongside recommended courses of action for each of the results.

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Promoting his new project on Product Hunt, Kamens said: “I’m excited to share this project with you that I’ve been hacking on over the past few weeks.

“Mobile App Grader uses Apple’s App Store data to figure out how your app compares to other top apps.

“It also provides actionable feedback to help improve your app and preview page by analysing your market reach, preview page quality, and customer satisfaction.”

It is likely that Mobile App Grader will be most useful for smaller apps, that want to track their progress by comparing themselves to the leading apps of their kind.

Check out Mobile App Grader here.

Danielle White

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