Dating App Launched, First Word: Charades

 Charade Date

A new app has been released which combines dating and charades.

Charade Date uses a mobile video version of the popular party game to help singles meet in a fun and more personal way.

The Dallas-based dating app was launched on iOS in late September by DNA Mobile, LLC.

Founder Richard Burghardt said: “The idea of putting people together on video in the form of a game answers all the questions you might need to get to know somebody.”

Their website says it aims to let singles show off their personalities more, as “Looks matter. Personality matters more”.



Once an account has been created, a user can browse through profiles – based on location and preferences – and then request games from other singles.

A user can choose from one of the 500+ charades ideas and then make a video of approximately 8 seconds.

The players then take turn in sending and guessing charades.

Burghardt says: “The most important thing is that you’re playing a game, and you have something to talk about.

“You’re not trying to force a conversation based off a profile.”

Charade Date is available on iOS devices, and can be downloaded here. For more information visit their website.